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Early Childhood Initiatives

Government Programmes, Services and Initiatives

Governments across Australia support a range of early childhood and child care programmes, services and initiatives.

Australian Government Programmes, Services and Initiatives

Jobs for Families Child Care Package

You may find it useful to understand the changes that are taking place in the child care system in Australia.

The Australian Government will invest around $40 billion on child care support over the next four years. This significant investment includes an increase of more than $3 billion to support the implementation of the Jobs for Families Child Care Package. The package will provide greater choice for more than 1.2 million families by delivering a simpler, more affordable, more flexible and more accessible child care system.

The key elements of the Jobs for Families Child Care Package are: from families, service providers, early childhood education professionals and businesses.

Jobs for Families Child Care Package Fact Sheets

Operational information for approved child care services

Existing Programmes, Services and Initiatives

Links to information about Australian Government Programmes, Services and Initiatives

  • Budget Based Funded Programme – provides a contribution to the operational costs of approximately 300 child care and early learning and school aged care services in a limited number of approved locations in regional, remote and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities where the market would otherwise fail to deliver services to meet the needs of children and their families.
  • Child Care Payments Compliance Programme – encourages, enforces and strengthens compliance in the child care sector to ensure public funds are spent properly and accountably.
  • Community Support Programme - assists child care providers to establish or maintain viable services in parts of the country where they might not otherwise be viable or able to meet the unique requirements of the community, such as in disadvantaged or regional and remote areas.
  • Early Childhood Workforce Initiatives – aim to support, train and retain an experienced and qualified child care and early learning workforce.
  • Early Learning Languages Australia (ELLA) program – a child-centred programme to support the delivery of early language learning in preschool services, as part of the Australian Government’s commitment to reviving language study in Australia.
  • Inclusion and Professional Support Program – aims to promote and maintain high quality, inclusive education and care, for all children, including those with ongoing high support needs, in eligible child care and early learning settings. This is achieved by increasing the knowledge and skills of educators, and the capacity of services, through providing professional development, advice and access to additional resources and inclusion support.
  • Long Day Care Professional Development Programme – assists long day care services to meet their specific professional development needs in order to support the National Quality Framework, adhere to the National Quality Standard and deliver an approved learning framework.
  • National Occasional Care Programme – provides funding for non-Child Care Benefit approved occasional care services.
  • Ministerial Advisory Council for Child Care and Early Learning – provides a forum where strategic policies affecting the child care and early learning sector can be considered, and where informative consultation with the sector can take place.
  • MyChild – Australia's online child care portal for families. It provides information on different types of child care and how to get assistance with the cost of child care. Families can also search a database to find local child care centres.

Useful links to state and territory government information for educators

Information about the National Quality Framework is made available on the websites of ACECQA and the Regulatory Authority for each state and territory.

In addition to this, you will find useful links to state and territory government webpages relevant to educators below.

New South Wales

The Early childhood education & care page on the Department of Education and Communities website provides a range of information for education and care services and educators including:


South Australia

Western Australia


Australian Capital Territory

Northern Territory

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Supported by the Australian Government.
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