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Case studies

Case studies

Belconnen Community Service

In 2012, the educators from this early childhood service attended a cultural awareness workshop. Read what happened next.

Cooloon Children’s Centre

Educators at this service had many discussions over time about what ‘respect for diversity’ and ‘cultural competence’ meant for us personally and how that was enacted. Find some ideas for working with staff about these topics.

Gowrie SA

Some years ago, educators at Gowrie SA committed to developing deeper understandings of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and cultures and to providing more effective support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families. During the development period 'the belief that good intentions need to be turned into real actions was a strong motivation for all'. Read more about how Gowrie SA developed their Reconciliation Action Plan and what it has meant to the staff and children at Gowrie SA.

Kapunda Kindergarten

Find out more about what happened when staff at this kindergarten became concerned about the ‘hidden curriculum’ and what cultures were ignored or promoted within their kinder environment and displays.

Narragunnawali Awards

The Narragunnawali Awards recognise excellence in reconciliation in the education sector.

Possum's Community Preschool

Director Karen Shackwell describes how her service worked to create a program that is rich in authentic cultural diversity, a program that moved beyond tokenism.

Reconciliation Action Plans

Find information about Reconciliation Action Plans (RAPs) in this video by Reconciliation Australia.

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Supported by the Australian Government.
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