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Educator/staff appraisal, training and development


The education and care service understands that an appropriate performance management system will recognise educator/staff member’s skills; confirm they are fulfilling their duties; and identify their training and development needs. 

The outcomes of effective performance appraisal are improved performance, communication, workplace practices and attitudes towards the job; improved self esteem and team spirit created because staff members are open to feedback and supported throughout the year; fewer conflicts as issues are addressed in an on-­‐going manner; and greater retention of staff as possible career paths within the service are identified and staff are supported to work towards promotion. In addition to these benefits staff members feel valued and appreciated as their skills are recognised and they are supported to further develop their professional expertise. 

The service understands its responsibilities under Occupational Safety & Health law to ensure workers are given adequate supervision and on the job training to enable them to work safely. 



policy, policy development, human resources (HR)

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